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  • what are the benefits of studying business management

    Small businesses are designed to exploit the unique set of skills, knowledge and ideas of their owners to sell products and services. Education and work experience vary greatly from one entrepreneur to another, and different types of businesses require different sets of skills and expertise to succeed. While no formal business training is required to start a successful business, studying business management can be beneficial to entrepreneurs and those they hire.

  • what are the benefits of studying aviation

    The Benefits of Aviation study​ will provide you with an economic footprint of air transport translated into three distinct types of benefits: its contribution to GDP, jobs and tax revenue. The study also measures the benefits of tourism growth enabled by aviation.

  • What are the benefits of studying hotel management?

    There are several benefits of studying hotel management. First off, the career options after having a degree in hotel management are lucrative. If you are creative and passionate, then hotel management is the right course for you.

    The hospitality industry rewards professionals who are passionate about their job roles and look out for creative ways to keep the clients satisfied.

    2) What is the tenure of a hotel management course?

    Like most Bachelor’s Degree courses, the duration of hotel management course is 3 years. During the 3 years, students learn all the skills, including culinary skills, communication skills, relationship management, etc required in the hospitality industry.
    You can boost the value of your hotel management degree by taking up an internship during the 3 years tenure.

    3) What are the career options after completing hotel management?

    There are multiple career opportunities after completing hotel management course. Examples include Chefs, Catering Manager, Accommodation Manager, Hotel Manager, Guest Relation Executive, Housekeeping Associate/Team Leader, Customer Service Manager, Retail Manager, and Event Manager.

    4) Will I be able to open my own hotel after studying hotel management?

    Yes. But gaining experience of working in the hospitality industry and then opening up your own restaurant/hotel would be more valuable. This way, you’ll have more insights and learn more about the ins and outs of successfully running your own restaurant/hotel.

    5) How to choose the right hotel management college?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing a hotel management college. First, make sure that the college you choose is affiliated to a recognised university. Another important factor that determines the quality of education of a hotel management college is the faculty. Make sure that the faculty of the college you choose is well-trained and experienced.

    Also, check the infrastructure of the college; practical session rooms, cafeteria, and library are a must. Lastly, make sure that the hotel management college you choose provides placement.

    6) Who are eligible to study hotel management?

    Students who have completed Class 12 are eligible to study hotel management. The internal admission procedure can vary with colleges.

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    • One can always remember the roots. i'm thankful to Varnika for being a neighborhood of my journey.The basics of hospitality is what I learnt from this place. this remains as my foundation till date. Wishing everyone…
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