"Varnika is Light House to your Life Line"

Varnika Educational Society was constituted in the year 2018.
The leaders of the institute always believed that excellence in higher education is the best investment for the country and engaged the services of famous educationists such as Founder "Adapa Pradeep" and Executive Director "Adapa Mahalakshmi".
As a sequel to this, the institute has always subjected itself to continuous self-evaluation for maintaining standards and to reach set targets.


Credibility, Trust, Integrity, Personality, Look Professional, Innovative, Think Dynamic, Committed, Creative, Strategic, Proactive, Empowerment & Growth.


In line with the Institution, mission Commits itself to form genuine and globally Competitive. To bring our well-groomed professionals who are innovative, passionate to their craft and can influence and inspire the young generations, posterity in the right attitude to attain proper knowledge, expressive & values.

Institute at a Glance

Founders of the Institute are professionals in Hotel Management Aviation Business Management. The Institute is at a prime location in the city of Visakhapatnam near to bus stop and Railway station. It is supported by a specialized group of Hospitality and Management Professionals with hands-on experience in some of the finest groups of Hotel & Corporate companies in India & abroad.

About Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is the second largest sector in the world. The demand for skilled professionals in the industry is increasing not only in India but also throughout the world. The word " HOSPITALITY " means friendly and generous behaviour towards guests. The hospitality industry is booming at a rapid pace and the gap between demand and supply for Hotel industry professionals is huge.

Diverse teaching methods

As part of the course, students will learn a variety of ways, including case studies, role plays, group discussions, mock interviews, industrial visits, seminars, guest lectures, and simulations. As we know no single approach can effectively address the range of challenges you will encounter throughout your career. This diverse education is designed to give you the breadth and depth of the skills and experience you will need for success.

  • Founders are Management Professionals
  • Focus on Personality Development
  • Special classes on communication skills
  • Affordable fee Structure
  • Air-Conditioned class rooms
  • Under CC Camera surveillance
  • Attendance biometric system
  • Computer based tutorials
  • Online learning management system
  • Wi-fi campus
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Proctor System
  • Part-Time Job Facility